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Hello, I'm Robert Gralek


I was born and raised in Poland. My irresistible desire to travel and explore the world made me leave the country in my early twenties. Since that time, all the places I have visited, people I've met, mentors I was fortunate to have, education and knowledge I obtained, struggle I had to face, enriched and shaped me on many levels and made me the person I am today. I consider the whole experience as an invaluable treasure I will always carry within me.

Photography and continuous investment in my internal as well as external growth. Fascinating yet often challenging process of going within. Exploration beyond what is obvious and considered as a norm. Active journey through life. These are my passions.

Throughout most of my life, I was actively involved in various forms of expression and creativity. I am organically drawn to what is natural, earthy and truthful. I use my camera as a magic tool with which I attempt to gain access to my subjects' internal world remaining, simultaneously, very respectful of their privacy and allowing their souls and life experience speak. 

My aesthetic is derived from a variety of sources, including art, with special emphasis on the great masters of painting, cinema, travel, nature and my spiritual quest. 

Please use my contact page to get in touch with any queries.

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